KIOKI premium class

New diaper pants

from manufacturer wholesale and retail

Prices up to 40%
below analogues!
Absorbency up
to 50% higher!
The material is softer,
the design is better!

What are the advantages of KIOKI diaper panties?

Unsurpassed softness and comfort. So tender it is unbelievable! In them, the baby will sleep peacefully all night and will not disturb you with his crying! And the next morning he will wake up cheerful and healthy!

  • Suitable for everyone Universal for boys and girls
  • The correct form Has an anatomical shape that helps to avoid curving legs.
  • No leaking The sideboards adhere to the legs carefully, preventing leakage
  • Surface The corrugated surface instantly absorbs the liquid turning it into a gel
  • Fixation The elastic belt ensures that the diaper is securely seated
  • Freedom of movement Does not lump between the legs, letting your child move freely